How to apply

We are looking for early stage startups that are just beginning to plan or develop a high-potential prototype or a releasable version of a product or service. More than anything else we are looking for outstanding professionals that are motivated not only to grow their own startup, but that also want to help build the local ecosystem as well.

Do you have a startup and want to participate in SEED? Great! We are excited to receive entrepreneurs from all over the world! Stay tuned and wait for the next round of applications.

1- See what were the rules for the second round of applications clicking here.

2- Curious to see the application form? See the model.

(Note: this document is for your preparation purposes only. You must submit your application using the online form, which will be available when a new round of applications is open. We won´t accept this form emailed or submitted in any other way.) 

Number of startups
40 startups accelerated every 6 month

● 2 or 3 entrepreneurs per team
● Minimum age is 18
● Be willing to stay in Minas Gerais for the 6 month period

Arrival dates for the second class of entrepreneurs
● May 13th, 2014