SEED – Startups and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Developmen


SEED – Startups and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development is a program created by the Minas Gerais State Government (Brazil) to support national and international entrepreneurs to develop technological-based projects. Since 2013, SEED develops the entrepreneurial culture and the startups ecosystem in the state.

SEED has supported 112 projects from entrepreneurs of 12 countries that, together and raised R$ 20 million in investments. During six months the program strenghens, promotes and fosters ideas of 40 Brazilian and international startups.

Coordinated by the State Secretariat of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Higher Education of Minas Gerais – SEDECTES, SEED is part of Minas Digital, a number of governamental initiatives, partnerships and network chain seeking to boost innovative businesses development and streghen the entrepreneurial culture on the state.

Our goal is to turn Minas Gerais in the largest hub of innovation and entrepreneurship of LATAM.

capital semente_seed_aceleracaoSEED Capital

The total amount of the seed capital is R$ 68k (to projects with two entrepreneurs) or R$ 80k (to projects with the three entrepreneurs). Part of this capital is given in monthly allowances of R$ 2k to each entrepreneur, for living expenses. The remain R$ 44k* is used exclusively to the startups’ development. SEED is equity free, which means we do not own a part of your business. All we are looking for are willing and talented people able to develop an innovative product and to contribute with Minas Gerais state ecosystem.


All the participants have access to an inspiring coworking space with everything a startup cannot live without: a powerful internet, meeting rooms, a place to chat and to brainstorm. To those who need to do a quick meal or just want to relax a little, SEED Coworking is, still, your right spot.


formacao empreendedora_Seed_aceleracaoEntrepreneurial training and business acceleration

SEED offers all the support you need to take your startup to the next level. The entrepreneurs have access to brilliant mentors and experts from different areas about their projects. Also, the program has an intense schedule with training, talks with succesfull entrepreneurs and, of course, pitch trainnings to rock with your future clients and potential investors.


conexão global_seed_aceleracao_empreendedorismo

Global network

Boost your network with national and international entrepreneurs, partners and potential clientes. We believe a strong collaboration spirit and an intense exchange of ideias is essential to your project success. The goal is to bring altogether entrepreneurs from different cultures, ideas and concepts collaborating with the community, connected to the world and helping each other in one of the most important innovation ecosystems of Brazil, the San Pedro Valley, in Belo Horizonte.



Soft Landing

Minas Gerais is well known in Brazil for being a very welcoming state, with kind and empathetic people. You can count on SEED to all the support necessary during these six months. The team assists with the Visa process, procedures to rent a house in Belo Horizonte, to open a bank account and even to introduce you to your new home, with cultural and entrepreneurial tips. You will get used to be invited to a nice chat having coffee with pão de queijo.


mentoria personalizada_seed_aceleracao


Working as team increases your chance of success, right? That is why SEED is partner to great companies and institutions that offers the startups extra benefits to boost your development during these six months.



Startups from all over the world can apply to SEED through a Public Bidding. This Call for Bids will select 40 national and international startups that would like to develop their business in Minas Gerais state.  

To be elegible to SEED you need to:

  • Have 2 or 3 entrepreneurs in your team willing to live in Belo Horizonte during six months;
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be born or naturalized Brazilian, or a foreing individual under the condition of remaining in Brazil for the period of the program;
  • Belong to one single proposing team.

The selection of the submitted projects shall be performed through analysis and comparative assessments during the qualification and appreciation steps.

The building that hosts SEED’s coworking has an entrepreneurial history. It was inaugurated in 1908 to host the Industrial Company of Belo Horizonte, the first large industry of the city. On the 30’s the building was occupied by textiles companies and was known as 104 Tecidos.

Protected for its historical and cultural backgroung, since 2009 the building is part of the Architetural set of Praça da Estação, one of Belo Horizonte’s post cards. The Espaço CentoeQuatro, as the building is known nowadays is reference in the artistic and culutural promotion of the city. In 2016, after almost a century after its construction, the building is SEED’s coworking new adress and, once again, a factory. An innovation factory.