O SEED está em busca de talentos para compor seu time

O SEED está em busca de talentos para compor seu time

Estamos com oportunidades para integrar nossa equipe. Se você sabe tudo sobre startups, tem engajamento e paixão por empreendedorismo, a vaga pode ser sua! Confira:

Coordenador de Comunicação e Marketing
  • Pré-requisitos:
    – Imprescindível formação superior completa
    – Habilidades comprovadas na área de comunicação
    – Inglês Intermediário/avançado
  • Atividades:
    – Responsável pela implementação de estratégias e campanhas de comunicação e marketing (eventos, assessoria de imprensa, institucional, mídia sociais e comunicação interna).
    – Analisar e Interpretar o comportamento do público alvo e sugerir formas criativas de aumentar a consciência da marca.
    – Gestão do sistemas de rastreamento para atividades de marketing digital.
    – Gerir e acompanhar o progresso e o posicionamento da marca.
  • Importante no perfil:
    – Entender do mundo de startup, comunicação digital, mídias sociais e habilidade em gestão de pessoas
Analista de Mídias sociais
  • Pré-requisitos:
    – Imprescindível formação superior completa
    – Experiência com Mídias Sociais
    – Inglês Intermediário/avançado
    – Certificado em Inbound Marketing (Rock Content ou Hubspot)
  • Atividades:
    – Criação conjunta com a coordenação de comunicação e execução de estratégias de mídia social através de pesquisa competitiva e de audiência, determinação de plataformas, benchmarking, mensagens e identificação de público, aumentando a visibilidade dos conteúdos sociais da Sedectes/SEED.
    – Gerar e compartilhar conteúdos diariamente.
    – Configurar e otimizar páginas do programa dentro de cada plataforma de mídia social considerando as diretrizes da coordenação da comunicação consequentemente as diretrizes da ACS.
    – Atrair e interagir com comunidades virtuais e utilizadores de redes, monitorando os conteúdo gerados pelos públicos.
    – Ampliar o engajamento e dos públicos de forma estratégica.
    – Participar de conversas relevantes em nome da marca e atuar como evangelizador do SEED, fornecendo suporte aos acelerados, allumni e demais públicos do programa.
    – Gerar, editar, publicar e compartilhar conteúdo diário (texto original, imagens, vídeo ou HTML) para criar conexões significativas e incentivar os membros da comunidade a tomarem medidas que promovam ações da Sedectes.
    – Criar calendários editoriais e agendas de distribuição da comunicação nos meios digitais.
    – Melhorar continuamente através da análise de dados e métricas sociais apropriados, insights e melhores práticas do mercado.
    – Colaborar com outros setores para gerenciar a reputação do programa, identificando atores-chave e coordenando ações de promoção.
  • Importante no perfil:
    – Entender do mundo de startup, comunicação digital e mídias sociais
Conhece alguém com a cara do SEED ou se interessou? Envie seu currículo para contato@seed.mg.gov.br colocando o nome da vaga no assunto do e-mail.

What exactly are Values of a Two-Year College.

Innovative instruction on this nation is easily turning into a necessity during the commerce group rather then an extravagance. Inside of the previous the individuals who had a secondary college preparation even now had the possibility to manufacture a first-class entire world for them selves as well as their households. Those times are without delay turning into an alternate dieing coal within the past. In the off opportunity that you would want to have large buying future amid your life span that you’re utterly limited by your figuring out likely as well as degree of instruction you may have gotten.

The uplifting information is that you please don’t ought to possess a earn or bust approach almost about instruction. You can actually commence by doing toddler strides with reference to highly developed instruction. About the off possibility that you just have a junior school inside of your general vicinity, this really is certainly one of the right property for establishing your faculty instruction at any section within your lifetime. Most junior colleges supply you with lessons at assorted times amid the working day and night, even some on Saturday preserving in your mind the top goal to oblige understudies of various ages and foundations.

Junior colleges additionally provide a incredible opportunity to commence your getting to know mission in a way which is a perfect offer further easily acceptable into the normal national than an all out university. These schools are to a outstanding extent worker schools all the same you’ll find several that permit understudies the know-how of residing on a college grounds at a quite a bit lessen charge than most serious faculties demand for the exact or basically similar to gains.

Junior schools besides that permit you to definitely look into your decisions in the event that you aren’t frequently certain what heading you wish on your teaching to get without spending such a excessive charge for the technique. In the event that you understand the vocation way you want to choose you could find a two-year degree plan that may have you ever out of faculty as well as in a career a lot of before a four-year program will permit. Within the off probability that that may not enough news for yourself, a considerable portion of the two-year projects of analyze which are offered in the junior faculty level may well just transfer very easily into four 12 months certification software programs at the school stage.

Junior schools give you a very good begin for some men and women who will be trying for superior schooling whether or not to aid their professions or merely to find fulfillment on a person stage in everyday life. You will find various great assignments in top notch fields and scholarly fields that can be investigated and studies over the junior faculty level.

For graduating secondary university understudies junior faculties help understudies handbook to the alteration from secondary school to highschool without suffering from just how of daily life stun that one or two schools can put understudies by way of. You’ll discover there are repeatedly a multitude of probabilities to satisfy instructive and likewise social necessities on the junior college stage for understudies which have been occupied with searching for following a junior college teaching.

You should similarly see that junior faculties tend to be significantly less demanding to shelling out with regards to placing aside funds and financial investment money for possibly your own school teaching or maybe the instructive expenditures of the children. Developing them check out a junior higher education for any long time then exchanging to a University can spare a number of dollars and give you a small amount of mind that your little ones are as nonetheless accepting a good level of instruction.

Definitely, relating to the off opportunity that you’re attempting to find an astounding good quality almost about instruction you’d do by yourself or your kids an injury in case you do not search with the junior faculty possibilities in the normal vicinity well before dove in and leaping into the faculty strategy for living. You’ll discover that junior schools repeatedly supply you with an equivalent stage of instruction to the essential classes that very first and 2nd year undergrads frequently acquire, they’re a vastly enhanced esteem for the income, and they are an remarkable traits for your people today who will be making an attempt to juggle their teaching with family and do the trick obligations.